Take back your control and live a more empowered life by stepping into the next level you...

someone who can tackle clutter intentionally WITHOUT wasting years struggling and failing to do it on your own. 

Does this sound familiar? 

You have been fighting the clutter bug for as long as you can remember. Everywhere you look, there are mountains of stuff, just taking up space - mental, emotional, and physical. 

When this first began, you believed that you just needed to drum up the energy to whip things into shape, and it would all be fixed...but now? 

Now you have tried so many times that you’ve lost count. Your clutter is multiplying so quickly that when you clean, it’s more like shuffling piles from place to place than actually putting things away. 

Over time, the feelings of shame, regret, guilt, and even fear have become a permanent fixture in your life. You are terrified that if you don’t get a handle on your clutter, it will consume everything: 

➡️ Your time 
➡️ Your energy
➡️ Your home
➡️ Your money
➡️ Your relationships 
➡️ Your physical health 
➡️ Your mental well-being 
➡️ Your self-esteem 

In fact, you might have noticed that some of these areas are being impacted already. The reality is that our society treats clutter as if it’s a simple problem, but left unchecked, it can grow into a monster that will affect every aspect of your life until there is no hope or happiness left. 

Once the beast is too large, you’re going to need help to get it under control. I wish it wasn’t true, but without learning the right tools, mindset, and strategies, the likelihood of your decluttering success is extremely low. 

Almost every resource out there is telling you that a massive overhaul is the key to success, but they are WRONG! Tackling an entire home on your own - sifting through rooms full of items that have memories, value, and sentimentality attached to them without emotional support or a realistic plan of execution - is a recipe for burnout and exhaustion. No wonder you’re struggling and feeling defeated. 

Your decluttering journey doesn’t have to be that way, and if I have any say about it I’m not going to let that be the case any longer! Together we can slay the clutter beast and make sure that it never comes back by helping you learn how to handle clutter from the inside out. Because your clutter is not your fault, and we can fix this! 

Are you in? 

Decluttering in Clutter Boss Academy means so much more than just tackling the things in your closet:

It's taking control of your finances -  and never feeling pressured to buy things that you don’t actually want out of fear or obligation. 

It's finding the right words in a difficult conversation - so that you can communicate with the people that you love in a way that is effective and promotes strong relationships, even through adversity.

It's waking up... happy. Not stressed, overwhelmed, guilty, or exhausted. Just...happy and ready to embrace the beautiful day ahead!

It's making one healthy choice... and then another one - until you get to experience that fulfilling life you can only imagine right now.  

It's setting a goal, and achieving it - over, and over again with the support of a close community that never stops cheering you on. 

It's understanding your past (and learning to love yourself today) so that you can become the person that you long to be - empowered, fulfilled, and unstoppable! 

It's that feeling when you walk in your door - that breath of relief that you have a safe haven to come home to, a welcoming space that will protect you from this crazy world. 

It's about empowering you in every area of your life, so that you can truly enjoy your journey, rather than feeling afraid of the future and bogged down in the daily to-dos. 

What exactly is clutter boss academy?

Clutter Boss Academy is a 6-12 month, fully integrated clutter program.
It is the only program that exists that fully addresses all the clutter in your life: the emotional, the financial, the social, the relationships, oh, and the stuff....  
Why? Because all clutter is connected and it's all clutter. 

Clutter is not just the junk that is consuming the space in your home - it’s the anxiety, the guilt, the shame, and the frustration that comes from constantly living in survival mode. Clutter is anything that is keeping you from living your very best life. 

In Clutter Boss Academy, we’re going to get rid of those obstacles together. At the end of this program, you will feel like an entirely new person. You will be empowered to deal with everything life throws at you. 

And I mean everything!



  • All the lessons and workbook from the Clutter Boss @ Home Self-Study Program (50+ lessons)
  • ​An additional library of health and nutrition lessons.
  • ​The lesson library keeps growing. If you need a resource we create it or find an expert for you. All you need to do is ask!
​Note: If you have already purchased Clutter Boss at Home, please contact Jes to deduct that cost from the cost of Clutter Boss Academy.



  • Coaching calls with Jes 2-3x a week
  • ​Coaching calls with other coaches 4-5x a week
  • I alter the times of the calls montly to accommodate all schedules. (And I take requests!)
  • ​Plus coaching calls with other experts (nutrition, mental health) and former students (Clutter Bosses!)
Coaching is so important. It will not only keep you motivated, but will also help you get customized help with any obstacle that you come across. 


Basically it's like family

  • Finally a group of people who really understand your unique struggles with clutter.
  • ​The support, encouragement and love inside Clutter Boss Academy is second to none.
  • ​Why? Because Community Crushes Clutter. There is simply no reason to go through this process alone.
After a year in the program, most Clutter Bosses opt to stay in our group for a nominal monthly fee because of the deep, close friendships they have discovered in CBA.



  • Enrollment in Clutter Boss Academy means access to everything that I do is included in the price.
  • ​Bootcamp
  • ​Pop-up Challenge Groups
  • ​All the workshops I run.
  • ​Everything I've done in the past.
  • ​Things I haven't even thought up yet.
You get VIP access at no extra charge for the length of your program! 



  • In Clutter Boss Academy I bring on experts to help you through all the clutter in your life (because all clutter is connected).
  • ​Education from a NYS certified psychotherapist, including lessons on Shopping Addiction, Trauma and Clutter, Grief and Clutter, and more.
  • ​Lessons from experts on creating a healthy home: allergens, mold toxicity, stress and inflammation, and personal finances and interior design.
  • ​Basic health coaching from a certified integrated health nutritionist.
Anything and everything that is bringing you down will be covered in Clutter Boss Academy so that getting to that next level in life is inevitable. 


 Turn your house into a home and keep it that way while saving money forever

  • When you graduate Clutter Boss Academy you leave as a mindful consumer. You are prepared to make smart buying choices for the rest of your life.
  • ​You can look at every space in your world and know exactly how to keep it decluttered, organized and - most importantly - turn it into a space that nourishes your soul.
Our brains are so powerful and your mindset shapes how your approach life.  

What is Clutter Boss Academy?
in the words of current Clutter Bosses

Has the clutter in your home completely taken over your life leaving you

STRESSED to the absolute MAX?

You’ve probably tried to clear it out, only to be left completely overwhelmed with no clue where to even start

Maybe some of these ring a bell…
  • ​​​You just don’t have time to deal with it
  • There is never anywhere to put anything
  • ​​Just thinking about clearing it out leaves you feeling exhausted
  • All the ‘stuff’ is absolutely everywhere and you can’t seem to get rid of it
  • ​​You don’t even want to have people over because you don’t want them seeing the mess
..it like nothing that exists. That’s what’s so incredibly special. Yes, it’s a training academy for getting rid of all kinds of clutter in your life, but where it’s different is that is holistic in scope. It includes physical, emotional and nutrition, and so so much more. It also is an incredible community that is completely judgement free, caring, loving.
Aimee Tepper Farrell
I would say CBA is a group of wonderful and supportive people that all have the same common goal.. to put order back in our lives and reclaim our homes! To learn to truly let go of the things that don’t make us happy any longer and know that we can share anything in this group and we will never be judged! It’s definitely a process that we each work through at different paces! We are a family!!❤️❤️
Judi Warren
CBA gives me the tools and courage to declutter every aspect of my life. It has lifted my energy and brought life into my home! It has been a monumental life transformation for me and my family. The educational aspect is very interesting and exciting! The coaching is constant and really opens your eyes to new ideas. My new friends in the group are beyond supportive. There’s never any shame or judgement. I have learned so many life long lessons. I want to continue this journey as Jes Marcy continually works to add new and relevant content to the course. This is definitely the best money spent especially since saving so much along the way! Total brilliance!
Erica Ann
I would describe CBA as a group of people who are ready to get control of their lives again. They are tired of living in an environment that is full of chaos and embarrassment. It is a judgement free zone where everyone can speak freely and know that they will be encouraged, challenged and loved. The group is led by Jes Marcy. She is compassionate, empathetic and caring. It is obvious that she wants everyone to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help. She offers sessions in health & wellness, nutrition, emotional health, shopping addiction, sleep, journaling, meditation, fitness, organization and mindset all taught by very qualified coaches who truly care about each participant. CBA is a soft place to land in a very hard world. 
Marie Farley
It’s so much more than decluttering. The coaching sessions have helped me learn so much about myself and why I feel the need to surround myself with material things as well as extra pounds. I feel completely loved and supported by this group. Hands down, joining Clutter Boss Academy is one of the best decisions of my life. Jes Marcy and her team live what they teach and pour out their knowledge and compassion for each and every member.
Connie Glandon
CBA is an online program developed by professional organizer and published columnist Jessica Marcy. Through a Facebook group, member website, training modules and video calls, Jes and her team of coaches guide people in the steps to deal with all types of clutter in their lives.
Jodi Sergent
I would describe CBA as an answer to a prayer! It’s a non-judgmental support group for those of us who want less clutter in our lives and more contentment with less! We have a fearless and caring leader along with great co-coaches who listen to all of our questions and offer suggestions and help. CBA lets you know that it’s not your fault and that you are not alone in your struggle with clutter. The members, Jes and other coaches cheer each member on as they overcome challenges! It’s awesome!!
Kathryn Yarbrough

Clutter Bosses are saving tons of money!

Clutter Boss Academy is an investment that starts paying for itself immediately. 

Right off the bat you are saving money by only buying essential items. And every purchase you make moving forward is doing very thoughtfully (with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get advice!). 

After beginning the decluttering process, many people actually find money in their clutter and are able to stop recurring payments for extraneous things (like storage units or even forgotten subscriptions because they have the energy to actually notice & care). 

Clutter Bosses have been able to apply their savings to their debt, which has a compounding effect(goodbye expensive APRs!). 

Even if Especially if you have no idea how to manage your money, you will see massive financial change in the Clutter Boss Academy with the support of our Financial Coach (joining us in early 2021) and the significant shift in lifestyle that comes along with a decluttering journey like this.  

What kind of results are our Clutter Bosses getting? Cars are paid off early, credit cards are paid off and eliminated, and savings accounts are consistently growing $$$!

Simply put: Clutter Boss Academy is an investment in your future, not only for your sanity but your financial situation as well! 
Check out this Clutter Boss who has been able to save an extra $2,500 in just two months for her travel fund by mastering the flow of unnecessary things coming into her home .

When you stop purchasing things you don't need, you will have funds you never imagined were there. 

Instead of buying more stuff to fill up your home, you will have the money to experience true living. 

 Become financially free, and invest in wonderful experiences instead of empty objects. 
When you aren’t spending every penny on stuff you don't have room for, you’ll save exponentially more than the cost of Clutter Boss Academy and you will continue to save for the rest of your life because you will learn to become a mindful consumer.
Take a look at the notification one of our Clutter Bosses received from her Mint account…

This is the 3rd week in a ROW she has gotten a Zero dollars spent alert! 

Can you imagine how much money you will save when you stop buying things you don’t need??



What if you could manage your anxiety, depression, ADHD, debilitating overwhelm, and other emotional struggles with more ease? 

In Clutter Boss Academy we recommend that anyone who is struggling with significant issues around grief or trauma work with a local therapist in tandem with their participation in this program. However, we recognize that mental healthy support is a pillar of this type of program. We are thrilled to include educational resources and bi-weekly support from a NYS certified Psychotherapist.

Meet Megan:
"Sometimes life’s difficulties appear impossible to overcome. Overwhelming emotions take over and you begin feeling isolated and trapped. Your outside world begins to reflect that of your mind and the clutter builds up around you. The chaos that ensues can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed; desperate to make a change. With over 10 years-experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State, Megan Zacher, has dedicated her career to helping others understand and learn how to navigate challenging emotions. Megan brings her expertise in addictions and mental health to address the complex challenges of clutter."

What if you could buy more time? Clutter Bosses are gaining back hours and hours of their lives per day. 

If you were to list out all of the tasks that you do each day - all of the time that you spend shuffling things around, searching for lost items, feeling guilty over impulse purchases, and anguishing over the idea of “wasting” money when you attempt to declutter, how much time are you wasting each day? 
The typical person is spending HOURS per day managing their things, and that doesn’t even account for the emotional and mental bandwidth that is being used. My Clutter Bosses have a tidy home in, on average, twenty minutes per day after working their way through the program. Imagine what you could do if you gained back all of that time and energy by empowering yourself from the inside out. 

If you want to get your life back, it starts with decluttering.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Clutter Boss Academy continues to strive to over deliver and meet the needs of our students in every way.

In the beginning, I designed this program to be all-inclusive so that any need that might come up would be met. Over the past year we have grown into a beautiful community that is about so much more than clearing the clutter. Clutter Boss Academy is full of people that are ready to live their best lives - no exceptions. 

Because of that, we recently introduced a new addition to our coaching line-up. We are excited to announce that Allison McIntosh has officially joined Clutter Boss Academy as a Mindset Coach! 

We have also introduced a book club to encourage our members to collaborate and connect with each other. This is an optional activity, but if you are looking for a bit of friendship and encouragement in life, each month we are reading an inspirational non-fiction book and meeting to discuss our breakthroughs. It has been a ton of fun, and I’d love to add you to the mix! 

We are committed to serving you through 2021 to make this the best year yet, and will continue to add resources that offer value to our community as the need arises. 

When you add it all up, the value of this program is insane!
But don't worry, your investment is a fraction of the value.

Join Clutter Boss Academy and choose a timeframe that makes the most sense for you!
Join for 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.

Join for 6 months
paid in full discount
    Join for 6 months
    for 6 months
      Join for 9 months
      paid in full discount
        Join for 9 months
        for 9 months
          Spend and entire year in clutter boss academy
          paid in full discount
            12 months, payment plan
            for 12 months

              If you are ready to take control of your home, clear the clutter, and live a more empowered life, then you have come to the right place!

              If you aren’t ready to save money, time, and energy by taking action to de-clutter your life then this program is NOT a good fit for you. 


                What happens when I graduate?

              CELEBRATION! You are officially a CLUTTER BOSS. You have mastered your clutter and you are empowered in every area of your life. You get a before and after video of your transformed home as your graduation present. If you want to stick around because you love our community, you can become a Clutter Boss "Lifer" and get continued access to the group and the community for $37/month.

                What happens if I don’t finish mastering my clutter within the length of my program?

              I am dedicated to your success. I am now offering multiple program lengths in order to customize the program to individual needs as much as possible. Should you begin implementing the program and still need additional time, you will have the option to expand your time in Clutter Boss Academy. If you chose the 6 month or 9 month option initially, and need more time, the fee is $250/month. After one year in the program, anyone who needs to or wants to stay becomes a "lifer" and can stick around indefinitely for $37/month.

                What happens if I get stuck?

              Hitting roadblocks and feeling stuck is a natural part of the decluttering process, and that's exactly why Clutter Boss Academy is structured to provide you with so many check-in calls, coaching calls, and of course a private facebook group with daily support.  If you say you are stuck, we will do everything we can to provide you with the right resources to get un-stuck as quickly as possible!

                This work has been so life changing I want to help others become clutter free as well. Does Jes offer Clutter Boss Consultant Training?

              YES! After you become a Clutter Boss, you have the option of sticking around and continuing to hone your decluttering coaching skills. There are lots of different opportunities within our communities. If you are interested in this, simply let Jes know.

                I've already purchased the Clutter Boss At Home Self Study Course, but I want the added support that Clutter Boss Academy offers. Can I upgrade?

              Absolutely! I'm happy to discount the price you paid for Clutter Boss at Home from the price of Clutter Boss Academy. Please contact me to arrange this: jes@prioritizeyoursanity.com

              After working with so many people decluttering and organizing their homes, I realized all of my clients had the same problem:

              We have far more ‘stuff’ coming into our homes than when we were children! We were never taught how to handle the mountains of ‘things’ that pile up because this problem didn’t exist before. It's overwhelming, and there is was no community or support system for something so many people are struggling with.

              That’s why I created my signature Clutter Boss method

              When you join Clutter Boss Academy, you will learn the skills you were never taught as a child so that you can effectively deal with your clutter once and for all. 

              Not only will you learn the skills and be surrounded by a community that truly cares about YOU, but with our full support you will implement these strategies and have a completely different home, and life, in less than a year! 

              It’s no secret that time flies. 
              Before you know it, years will have passed. 
              The way I see it you have two options: 

              Option #1: Take action NOW and get the support that you need by joining Clutter Boss Academy. Empower yourself to make lasting change and surround yourself with the tools and support that you need for inevitable success. 


              Option #2: Continue doing what you are doing, and miss out on all of the things that clutter is stealing from you: time, energy, money, strong relationships, health and happiness. In other words, lose valuable time with everything that, deep inside, you KNOW you could have if you didn’t have a mountain of clutter in your way. 

               Just imagine what your life could look like in only a few months if you had a proven method to clear your clutter, the emotional support to manage the process with ease, and an incredible community to keep you accountable to the end. THAT is what you get with Clutter Boss Academy.  

              Become a clutter boss today

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