Has the clutter in your home completely taken over your life leaving you

STRESSED to the absolute MAX?

You’ve probably tried to clear it out, only to be left completely overwhelmed with no clue where to even start

Maybe some of these ring a bell…
  • ​​​You just don’t have time to deal with it
  • There is never anywhere to put anything
  • ​​Just thinking about clearing it out leaves you feeling exhausted
  • All the ‘stuff’ is absolutely everywhere and you can’t seem to get rid of it
  • ​​You don’t even want to have people over because you don’t want them seeing the mess

Welcome to


Decluttering in Clutter Boss Academy means so much more than just tackling the things in your closet:

It's that feeling when you walk in your door.

It's taking control of your finances.

It's finding the right words in a difficult conversation.

It's waking up... happy.

It's making one healthy choice... and then another one.

It's setting a goal, and achieving it.

It's understanding your past 
(and learning to love yourself today).

It's about empowering you in every area of your life.

What exactly is clutter boss academy?

Clutter Boss Academy is a 6-month, fully integrated clutter program.
It is the only program that exists that fully addresses all the clutter in your life: the emotional, the financial, the social, the relationships, oh, and the stuff....  
Why? Because all clutter is connected and it's all clutter. At the end of 6 months you are empowered to deal with everything life throws at you. 

And I mean everything!



  • 50+ lessons walking you through every area of your home, plus lessons about shopping, your health and clutter, mental health and clutter, and basic nutrition lessons and how to shift your mindset.
  • ​You have access to these lessons for the rest of your life.
  • ​The lesson library keeps growing. If you need a resource we create it or find an expert for you.



  • Coaching calls with Jes 2-3x a week
  • ​Coaching calls with other coaches 4-5x a week
  • I alter the times of the calls montly to accommodate all schedules. (And I take requests!)
  • ​Plus coaching calls with other experts (nutrition, mental health) and former students (Clutter Bosses!)


Basically it's like family

  • Finally a group of people who really understand your unique struggles with clutter.
  • ​The support, encouragement and love inside Clutter Boss Academy is second to none.
  • ​Why? Because Clutter Crushes Community. There is simply no reason to go through this process alone.



  • Enrollment in Clutter Boss Academy means access to everything that I do is included in the price.
  • ​Bootcamp
  • ​Pop-up Challenge Groups
  • ​All the workshops I run.
  • ​Everything I've done in the past.
  • ​Things I haven't even thought up yet.



  • In Clutter Boss Academy I bring on experts to help you through all the clutter in your life (because all clutter is connected).
  • ​Education from a NYS certified psychotherapist, including lessons on Shopping Addiction, Trauma and Clutter, Grief and Clutter, and more.
  • ​Lessons from experts on creating a healthy home: allergens, mold toxicity, stress and inflammation, and personal finances and interior design.
  • ​Basic health coaching from a certified integrated health nutritionist.


 Turn your house into a home and keep it that way while saving money forever

  • When you graduate Clutter Boss Academy you leave as a mindful consumer. You are prepared to make smart buying choices for the rest of your life.
  • ​You can look at every space in your world and know exactly how to keep it decluttered, organized and - most importantly - turn it into a space that nourishes your soul.

What is Clutter Boss Academy?
in the words of current Clutter Bosses

..it like nothing that exists. That’s what’s so incredibly special. Yes, it’s a training academy for getting rid of all kinds of clutter in your life, but where it’s different is that is holistic in scope. It includes physical, emotional and nutrition, and so so much more. It also is an incredible community that is completely judgement free, caring, loving.
Aimee Tepper Farrell
I would say CBA is a group of wonderful and supportive people that all have the same common goal.. to put order back in our lives and reclaim our homes! To learn to truly let go of the things that don’t make us happy any longer and know that we can share anything in this group and we will never be judged! It’s definitely a process that we each work through at different paces! We are a family!!❤️❤️
Judi Warren
CBA gives me the tools and courage to declutter every aspect of my life. It has lifted my energy and brought life into my home! It has been a monumental life transformation for me and my family. The educational aspect is very interesting and exciting! The coaching is constant and really opens your eyes to new ideas. My new friends in the group are beyond supportive. There’s never any shame or judgement. I have learned so many life long lessons. I want to continue this journey as Jes Marcy continually works to add new and relevant content to the course. This is definitely the best money spent especially since saving so much along the way! Total brilliance!
Erica Ann
I would describe CBA as a group of people who are ready to get control of their lives again. They are tired of living in an environment that is full of chaos and embarrassment. It is a judgement free zone where everyone can speak freely and know that they will be encouraged, challenged and loved. The group is led by Jes Marcy. She is compassionate, empathetic and caring. It is obvious that she wants everyone to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help. She offers sessions in health & wellness, nutrition, emotional health, shopping addiction, sleep, journaling, meditation, fitness, organization and mindset all taught by very qualified coaches who truly care about each participant. CBA is a soft place to land in a very hard world. 
Marie Farley
It’s so much more than decluttering. The coaching sessions have helped me learn so much about myself and why I feel the need to surround myself with material things as well as extra pounds. I feel completely loved and supported by this group. Hands down, joining Clutter Boss Academy is one of the best decisions of my life. Jes Marcy and her team live what they teach and pour out their knowledge and compassion for each and every member.
Connie Glandon
CBA is an online program developed by professional organizer and published columnist Jessica Marcy. Through a Facebook group, member website, training modules and video calls, Jes and her team of coaches guide people in the steps to deal with all types of clutter in their lives.
Jodi Sergent
I would describe CBA as an answer to a prayer! It’s a non-judgmental support group for those of us who want less clutter in our lives and more contentment with less! We have a fearless and caring leader along with great co-coaches who listen to all of our questions and offer suggestions and help. CBA lets you know that it’s not your fault and that you are not alone in your struggle with clutter. The members, Jes and other coaches cheer each member on as they overcome challenges! It’s awesome!!
Kathryn Yarbrough

Clutter Bosses are empowered over their finances

Clutter Boss Academy is an investment that starts paying for itself immediately. Right off the bat you are saving money by only buying essential items. And every purchase you make moving forward is doing very thoughtfully (with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get advice!). When you begin decluttering many people actually find money in their clutter and/or are able to stop recurring payment for extraneous things (like storage units). Clutter Bosses had been able to start applying their savings to their debt, which has a compounding impact. Cars are paid off early, credit cards can be consolidated and eliminated, savings accounts go up. 
Simply put: Clutter Boss Academy is an investment in your future.
Check out this Clutter Boss who has been able to save an extra $2,500 in just two months for her travel fund by mastering the flow of unnecessary things coming into her home .

When you stop purchasing things you don't need, you will have funds you never imagined were there. Instead of buying more stuff to fill up your home, you will have the money to take a dream vacation.

Invest in wonderful experiences instead of empty objects.
When you aren’t spending every penny on stuff you don't have room for you’ll save exponentially more than the cost of Clutter Boss Academy and you will continue to save for the rest of your life because you will learn to become a mindful consumer.

Take a look at the notification one of our Clutter Bosses received from her Mint account…

This is the 3rd week in a ROW she has gotten a Zero dollars spent alert! Can you imagine how much money you will save when you stop buying things you don’t need??




In Clutter Boss Academy we recommend that anyone who is struggling with significant issues around grief or trauma work with a local therapist in tandem with their participation in this program. However, we recognize that mental healthy support is a pillar of this type of program. We are thrilled to include educational resources and bi-weekly support from a NYS certified Psychotherapist.

Meet Megan:
"Sometimes life’s difficulties appear impossible to overcome. Overwhelming emotions take over and you begin feeling isolated and trapped. Your outside world begins to reflect that of your mind and the clutter builds up around you. The chaos that ensues can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed; desperate to make a change. With over 10 years-experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State, Megan Zacher, has dedicated her career to helping others understand and learn how to navigate challenging emotions. Megan brings her expertise in addictions and mental health to address the complex challenges of clutter."



Dear Jes: My home is full of stuff, and I know I need to declutter. My problem is that I know exactly how much money I spent on everything I own, and this makes it difficult to get rid of anything. I literally feel like I am throwing away money. It's hard to part with expensive items, but also hard to part with things that were a great deal. For example, I have a cashmere sweater that I own but rarely wear because it doesn't fit me quite right. When I consider donating it, I get stuck because it was such an expensive item, and I got such a great deal on it. Do you have any suggestions to help me?

—Totally Stuck in Schodack,

Dear Totally Stuck: Clutter, in all its forms, is a problem because it steals time from our lives. Yet, when we declutter, we tend to value what we own in financial terms, and not consider our time at all.

Money is a renewable resource. We will always have the ability to earn and save more of it in the future. Time, on the other hand, is a non-renewable resource. We have a finite amount of time in our lives. It becomes significantly easier to determine what is worthy of staying in our life if we can quantify it in terms of our time.

Let's use your cashmere sweater as an example. You can ask yourself the following types of questions to help you figure out how much time it costs to keep the sweater:
Do I need to move the sweater out of the way to get to other clothing I want to wear? How much time does this take?
Do I feel guilty when I see the sweater because I don't wear it? How long does this feeling stick with me?
Do I take the sweater on and off multiple times a year to see if I will wear it? How much time does this take? Does this leave me with a positive or a negative feeling, and for how long?
Is the closet where the sweater is stored packed tightly with clothing? How much extra time do I spend putting clothing away because the closet is so full?
Does clothing get wrinkled in my closet because of how tightly everything is stored in there? Do I spend extra time ironing because of this?

It is obvious that the clutter we live with takes our time by making it more difficult to find or access things when we need them, and it adds extra time to routine household tasks. But clutter can also be emotional and frustrating, and this is an insidious way clutter steals more time from our life. A few seconds here and there might not seem like a big deal, but the accumulation of wasted seconds can be tremendous. Just five seconds a day searching for something adds up to thirty minutes a year or forty hours throughout an average lifetime.

In the future, make sure that your time is a consideration as you make new purchases. Here are some example questions you can ask yourself the next time you see a good deal on a cashmere sweater:
Most people wear 20 percent of their clothing 80 percent of the time. Is this sweater more likely to be in the 20 percent or the 80 percent?
Does this sweater have special storage requirements (for example, inside a garment bag) that will require extra time putting it away?
Cashmere requires hand-washing and laying flat to dry, and it is not recommended to dry-clean cashmere. How much extra time will I need to spend to launder the sweater properly? Is this how I want to spend my time?
If I purchase this, and I don't wear it, how much time will I spend debating if I should donate it?

To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, the true cost of anything is the amount of your life you exchange for it. As you move forward with your decluttering, remember that freeing up space in your home will free up your precious time in life. The real question is: How much of my life am I willing to continue to exchange for this item?



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Clutter Boss Academy continue to grow to meet the needs of our students. Recently we've added resources and lessons on time management and scheduling. Also new to the schedule is a weekly Mindset School call that dives into how our brains function and to use this information for growth in all areas of our lives.

Coach Colleen has started an interactive weekly call "Clean with Colleen." Once a week the group picks and area of the house and declutters it together (such as jewelry, your car or your refrigerator). It's always more fun to declutter WITH other people!

Looking ahead to September, students in Clutter Boss Academy will have guest coaching calls from our favorite sleep guru, and a functional movement specialist. Guest coaches are added to the schedule as needed and are always incredible lessons to listen to. 

Clutter Boss Academy is the place to be during the holidays. Jes has extensive knowledge and workshops addressing holiday traditions, strategies for dealing with stress of the holidays, and unique ways to create new memories with your family memorabilia during this time. These lessons will delivered live in October and November and we will continue to support you right into the New Year.


paid in full discount
    for six months
      OPTION three
      for nine months

        If you are ready right now to take charge of your home and your clutter once and for all this is the right place for you.

        This program is not a good fit for people who aren’t ready to take action and 
        gain control of their home, their possessions, and their wallets.


          What happens when I graduate?

        CELEBRATION! You are officially a CLUTTER BOSS. You have mastered your clutter and are set up for success for the rest of your life!

          What happens if I don’t finish mastering my clutter within the 6 months of the program?

        We are dedicated to your success but should you need additional time, you will be able to stay in the Clutter Boss Academy indefinitely for a small fee of $37 per month. The content in the membership site will be accessible to you for life.

          What happens if I get stuck?

        You will have full access to myself and my coaches within Clutter Boss Academy. Reach out and we will help you through any and all blocks!

          This work has been so life changing I want to help others become clutter free as well. Does Jes offer Clutter Boss Consultant Training?

        YES! After you become a Clutter Boss, you are eligible to become a paid Clutter Coach in Clutter Boss Academy or you are eligible to go into Jes's training for professional organizers. Please contact her for more information at jes@prioritizeyoursanity.com.

        After working with thousands of people over the last 16 years decluttering and organizing their homes, I realized all of my clients had the same problem. We have far more ‘stuff’ coming into our homes than when we were children and we were never taught how to handle the mountains of ‘things’ that pile up. It's overwhelming, and there is no community or support system for something we are all struggling with. 

        That’s why I created my signature Clutter Boss method

        When you join Clutter Boss Academy, you will learn the skills you were never taught as a child to deal with your clutter once and for all. Not only will you learn the skills and be surrounded by a community that truly cares about YOU - with our full support, you will implement them and have a completely different home, and life, in just 12 weeks!

        I'm ready to take control of my clutter

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