Clutter Boss Academy is the most effective decluttering program on the planet

(read that again... and again... and again...)


We believe that all clutter is connected and to effectively tackle your clutter you need to be supported in every area of your life.

We believe that a compassion-based approach to tackling clutter is critical to your success.

We believe that community matters now more than ever. Waking up to a team of people genuinely cheering you on propels you forward.

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Yes, now you have a team of your very own coaches.

Every single week you have the opportunity to hop on group coaching calls with all of these coaches.

Can't join a call live? We've got you covered: every call is recorded to your membership site so you can always go back and listen later.

Jes Marcy, Clutter Coach

Creator of CBA

Gina Ledwith

Clutter Coach

Clutter Boss Academy Program Coordinator

Marie Farley

Consistency Coach

CBA Lite Coordinator

more about Marie

Amber Raygor

Clutter Coach

Clutter Foundations Coordinator

Megan Zacher

Licensed Psychotherapist

Meredith Vieceli

Integrative Health Coach

more about Meredith

Allison McIntosh

Mindset Coach

more about Allison

Coach Aimee

Clutter Coach

more about Aimee

Denise Drinkwalter

Parenting Coach

Wendy Maybury

Communication Coach

more about Wendy

Samantha Tames

Clutter Coach

more about Sam

Portia Jackson

Certified Financial Planner

CBA Finance Coach

more about Portia

Anca Hoble

Clutter Action Coach

Listen to a Panel Discussion with Some of Our Coaches

Sample CBA Calendar

*All calls are recorded*

*We advise and help members figure out which calls to focus on depending on what support they need right now.*

*Call times shift a little monthly and significantly semi-annually.*

In CBA You Have Access to the Following Additional Resources


Membership Site

Inside your membership site you will find:

• Call Recordings

• Workshops

• Lessons

• Other Resources

All in one convenient location.


Clutter Boss @Home Self Study Course

50 video lessons on Decluttering, Home Organization, Spaces & Categories, Stuff & Shopping, Productivity, Mindset, Communication & Relationships

Includes a printed 200-page workbook

VALUE: $497


Meredith Vieceli's Well Rooted 30 Health Lessons

NUTRITION - 9 Lessons

MINDSET - 6 Lessons

LIFESTYLE - 6 Lessons

MOVEMENT - 5 Lessons

LONGEVITY - 4 Lessons

VALUE: $199


Quarterly Access to Coach-Led Programs

•Access to all Bootcamps

•Recipe for an Organized Kitchen

•Banish Your Book Clutter

•Paper Clutter Bootcamp

•Memorabilia Month

•Craft Declutter

•Clothing Cleaning

•Great Beauty Declutter


Value: $500+ per quarter

An Incredible, Active, Supportive Community

The Clutter Boss Academy Community is there for you 24 hours a day inside our private Facebook group. Community members have access to a private Zoom account and meet formally and informally throughout the week. Inside the Community Room, you will find company while you are doing dishes, active book club discussions, weekly goal setting time, a Creative Collective group that meets to work on artistic pursuits, and more.

The CBA community strives for inclusion and diversity in a judgment-free setting.

All are welcome here.

What a Typical Journey Looks Like in CBA

Your journey in CBA starts as soon as you sign up! Gina Ledwith, our CBA coordinator, will schedule an onboarding call with you and you will be given immediate access to all of our content in CBA right after that call. Gina is your go-to person for questions and support during your entire time in CBA.

  • fluency using all the tech (FB, Zoom, Google Calendar, Membership Site)
  • firm understanding of decluttering and organizing basics
  • opportunity to meet other members and coaches in a smaller, more intimate setting
  • individualized support figuring out the best next-step of your journey once you join CBA



What is Clutter Boss Academy?

in the words of current Clutter Bosses like nothing that exists. That’s what’s so incredibly special. Yes, it’s a training academy for getting rid of all kinds of clutter in your life, but where it’s different is that is holistic in scope. It includes physical, emotional and nutrition, and so so much more. It also is an incredible community that is completely judgment-free, caring, loving.

Aimee Tepper Farrell

I would say CBA is a group of wonderful and supportive people that all have the same common goal.. to put order back in our lives and reclaim our homes! To learn to truly let go of the things that don’t make us happy any longer and know that we can share anything in this group and we will never be judged! It’s definitely a process that we each work through at different paces! We are a family!!❤️❤️

Judi Warren

CBA gives me the tools and courage to declutter every aspect of my life. It has lifted my energy and brought life into my home! It has been a monumental life transformation for me and my family. The educational aspect is very interesting and exciting! The coaching is constant and really opens your eyes to new ideas. My new friends in the group are beyond supportive. There’s never any shame or judgement. I have learned so many life long lessons. I want to continue this journey as Jes Marcy continually works to add new and relevant content to the course. This is definitely the best money spent especially since saving so much along the way! Total brilliance!

Erica Ann

I would describe CBA as a group of people who are ready to get control of their lives again. They are tired of living in an environment that is full of chaos and embarrassment. It is a judgement free zone where everyone can speak freely and know that they will be encouraged, challenged and loved. The group is led by Jes Marcy. She is compassionate, empathetic and caring. It is obvious that she wants everyone to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help. She offers sessions in health & wellness, nutrition, emotional health, shopping addiction, sleep, journaling, meditation, fitness, organization and mindset all taught by very qualified coaches who truly care about each participant. CBA is a soft place to land in a very hard world. 

Marie Farley

It’s so much more than decluttering. The coaching sessions have helped me learn so much about myself and why I feel the need to surround myself with material things as well as extra pounds. I feel completely loved and supported by this group. Hands down, joining Clutter Boss Academy is one of the best decisions of my life. Jes Marcy and her team live what they teach and pour out their knowledge and compassion for each and every member.

Connie Glandon

CBA is an online program developed by professional organizer and published columnist Jessica Marcy. Through a Facebook group, member website, training modules and video calls, Jes and her team of coaches guide people in the steps to deal with all types of clutter in their lives.

Jodi Sergent

I would describe CBA as an answer to a prayer! It’s a non-judgmental support group for those of us who want less clutter in our lives and more contentment with less! We have a fearless and caring leader along with great co-coaches who listen to all of our questions and offer suggestions and help. CBA lets you know that it’s not your fault and that you are not alone in your struggle with clutter. The members, Jes and other coaches cheer each member on as they overcome challenges! It’s awesome!!

Kathryn Yarbrough


Has the clutter in your home completely taken over your life leaving you

STRESSED to the absolute MAX?

You’ve probably tried to clear it out, only to be left completely overwhelmed with no clue where to even start

Maybe some of these ring a bell…
  • ​​​You just don’t have time to deal with it
  • There is never anywhere to put anything
  • ​​Just thinking about clearing it out leaves you feeling exhausted
  • All the ‘stuff’ is absolutely everywhere and you can’t seem to get rid of it
  • ​​You don’t even want to have people over because you don’t want them seeing the mess

Clutter Bosses are saving tons of money!

Clutter Boss Academy is an investment that starts paying for itself immediately. 

Right off the bat, you are saving money by only buying essential items. And every purchase you make moving forward is done very thoughtfully (with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get advice!). 

After beginning the decluttering process, many people actually find money in their clutter and are able to stop recurring payments for extraneous things (like storage units or forgotten subscriptions). 

Clutter Bosses have been able to apply their savings to their debt, which has a compounding effect (goodbye expensive APRs!). 

Even if you have no idea how to manage your money, you will see a massive financial change in the Clutter Boss Academy with the support of our Coaches and the significant shift in lifestyle that comes along with a decluttering journey like this.  

What kind of results are our Clutter Bosses getting? Cars are paid off early, credit cards are paid off and eliminated, and savings accounts are consistently growing $$$!

Simply put: Clutter Boss Academy is an investment in your future, not only for your sanity but your financial situation as well! 

Check out this Clutter Boss who has been able to save an extra $2,500 in just two months for her travel fund by mastering the flow of unnecessary things coming into her home.

When you stop purchasing things you don't need, you will have funds you never imagined were there. 

Instead of buying more stuff to fill up your home, you will have the money to for experiences and emergencies. 

 Become financially free, and invest in wonderful experiences instead of empty objects. 

When you aren’t spending every penny on stuff you don't have room for, you’ll save exponentially more than the cost of Clutter Boss Academy and you will continue to save for the rest of your life because you will learn to become a mindful consumer.

Take a look at the notification one of our Clutter Bosses received from her Mint account…

This is the 3rd week in a ROW she has gotten a Zero dollars spent alert! 

Can you imagine how much money you will save when you stop buying things you don’t need??

Clutter Boss Academy Membership Options and Pricing

the average clutter boss is saving $100++ per week

this program pays for itself very quickly

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